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Private Cars For Sale
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Private Cars for Sale”

is a non commercial and free of charge service for Classic Car Owners in Thailand. Permitted to advertise are only fully legal cars with a BLUE BOOK, registered in Thailand.

Please send 6 good quality photos and a description of your car to:

We will present your car in our website until it is sold or for a maximum of 12 month. The car has to be older than 30 years.

The Club is not responsible for the content of the photos, text or other matters.

Mercedes Benz 230/8 from 1973




Matching numbers with original 4-cyl.-engine, color and Interior. 


Rust free in very good condition.


New overhauled carburetor

New white wall tyres and wheels


Clean Blue Book; car is ready to transfer; located close Hua Hin; Tax and insurance paid until July 2019


Price: 290.000 THB

For more information please contact the seller: 085- 619 6966

Mercedes Benz 420 SEL from 1990




Collector’s Item with 1 previous owner for the last 25 years

It was a company car. Used only to drive the boss around.


Car is in excellent and original condition, always serviced;

It is a Chauffeur’s Limousine with the special long back doors


1968 Corvette Stingray Targa, 1968